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Cancellation policy

• If a student or parent cancels a lesson, the teacher will try and reschedule the lesson to another day of the same week, but with no guarantee.

• If a student cancels a class due to an illness less than 24 hours before the lesson is supposed to start, the teacher will try to accommodate the student on another day.

• A lesson cancelled for other reasons apart from an illness will not be refunded.


Please note that these rules are meant to help prevent abuse. A cancelled lesson is an expense to us and also affects the learning and schedule of other students.

Other important information

• In case of the absence of a professor, the lesson will be entirely refunded at the end of the month or rescheduled.

• Please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the commencement of the class. If a student is late, the teacher may not be able to repeat missed portions of the lesson.

• The student (parent / guardian) is required to pay for musical accessories that are required by the student and provided by the teacher.

• The student (parent / guardian) will be responsible for any loss or damage that is sustained to any instrument or accessory loaned by the school / teacher to the student. Such items must be returned to the teacher / school on request.

• The student is responsible for the insurance of his or her instrument that's provided by the school / teacher.

• Lesson fees may be revised during the year.

• Regular practice as advised by the teacher is a prerequisite for achieving success with any musical instrument. It is important to note that while the teacher aims to ensure that a student makes acceptable progress, this can only be achieved if the student accepts the teacher’s advice and puts it into practice. Parents should also be involved and oversee the child’s daily practice.

• In the interest of every student's well-being, while under a teacher's care, the teacher must be informed of any medical condition affecting the student.

Our music tuition fees

Half an hour of individual session

£10 per session

Orchestra or ensemble training


Kindergarten Half Term From

If you have any further questions regarding our music tuition fees or our cancellation policy, then call us on 07706 957 842 to get them clarified.


We serve customers in Watford, Rickmansworth, St Albans and Bushey.

Half Term From

(All individual lessons come with theory classes)