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Izabella Gaczynska was born in 1977 in Poland. She pursued a master's degree in Classical Music and Education after her graduation. She then started teaching music in North London's Colour strings Music School, where she worked for four years as a violin teacher. There she used the Kodály Method and perfected it. Additionally, she finished the Colourstrings course at The Szilvay Foundation.

That helped her improve her teaching skills, build experience and gain insight about early childhood music education.

Her latter career years

To gain more experience with teaching music  Izabella Gaczynska taught for Harrow Music Service as a primary and secondary violin and piano teacher. She led the individual lessons for both small and big groups of students. She also led the chamber music, ensemble and orchestra groups.

Her cumulative experience

Izabella Gaczynska has also taught Methodology of Music, which is a course for primary school music teachers.


Currently she is part of Hertfordshire Music Service, teaching violin and piano in local schools and at the Watford School of Music.

Izabella Gaczynska, Colours in Music principal

"Music helps to educate in many ways and makes the world a happier place to live in." - Izabella Gaczynska

Get in touch with Izabella

Izabella Gaczynska performs from time to time as a soloist and musician for various music bands. She is also part of the Notting Hill Orchestra, playing first violin.

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